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For the fastest, best support, try the following order to get the answers you need:
- Use the search bar below to look for a support article addressing your question.
- Contact us for support using the email address If possible and relevant, take screenshots of the errors you’re having, it usually helps us solve the problem more quickly.
- Call us. We love to chat, but the emails allow us to use all of our brains on your issue at once, and always result in a quicker resolution.
- Finally…this is the only place to get Official OnCue Support. We don’t have outside “authorized” trainers. It’s only the people who answer our phone and your emails. If you want training, let us know.

Welcome to OnCue
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Known Bugs and Issues List
Video Codec Problems: MPEG-2 hiding in plain sight
Add CODEC Files
Highlighter won't go all the way across the screen?
Active X Errors

Getting Started
OnCue Installer Download
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About Screen Information
Benefits of OnCue
Basic Features List (Always Evolving)
System Requirements
Visual Glossary of Terms
Installing on Multiple Computers
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Video Tutorials
Activate OnCue, New Case, Add Documents
Fine Tuning Deposition Designations
Fixing oncue.xml issues

OnCue Authorized Training Seminars
Webinar 1 - Documents and Notebooks
Webinar 2 - Video Only
Webinar 3 - Video Clips and More
Webinar 4 - ID, Name, Bates
Webinar 5 - Using LIVE

Presenting Your Case
Displaying Exhibits in OnCue LIVE
OnCue LIVE Hotkeys
OnCue LIVE Toolbar
Saving Exhibit Annotations in OnCue LIVE
Displaying Multiple Pages
Playback of Video and Audio Clips in OnCue LIVE
Playback of Designation Lists in OnCue LIVE

Cases and Case Media
Opening a Case
Creating a New Case
Organizing Material and Data Paths
Workflow Ribbon and Creating Custom Layouts
Bar Code Scanners

Importing Names or Bates Numbers
Adding Pages to Documents
Viewer Annotation Toolbar
Adding Documents
Viewing Documents
Annotating Documents
Document Cleanup (Rotate and Deskew)

About Presentations
Creating Presentations
Using the Sidebar to build Work Product
Presentations vs Notebooks
Exporting Presentations

Depositions And Designations
Importing TextMap Annotations exports
About Synchronized Transcripts
Adding Synchronized Transcripts
Understanding the Transcript Pane
Linking Documents to Designations - the Right Click and Manual Methods
Linking Documents to Designations - the Drag and Drop Method
Explaining Transcript Highlighters
Creating Designations and Designation Lists
Fine Tuning Designations
Editing Text in a Designation
Importing Designation Lists
Pause Detection
Exporting Designation Lists
Designation Reports
Split Designation List

About Multimedia Files
Adding Multimedia files to OnCue
Video Controls in Multimedia Viewer
Creating and Editing Multimedia within OnCue

About Notebooks
Building Notebooks
Importing and Exporting Notebooks
Printing Notebooks
Deleting from Notebooks