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Phone Support Tips


LAST WARNING: Despite what you may think, calling the below number and speaking with someone, or leaving a voicemail, will result in a much slower road to resolution than if you send an email to support@oncuetech.com. It does not get you a faster or better response than screenshotting or taking a picture with your phone of the problem you're having, it will in fact be harder to diagnose and solve. Even if it's about your license, or just a question about features. ONLY CALL THIS NUMBER IF YOUR PROBLEM IS NOT URGENT AND YOU HAVE EXTRA TIME TO RESOLVE YOUR ISSUE. 


We're happy to take your calls and pride ourselves on having the best support in the trial presentation business. When you call for help, you'll be connected with a live trial tech who is an active OnCue user, not a worker in a cubicle reading from a script. Here are some tips we've picked up over the years to help you make the most of your time on the phone.

  • Normal Phone Support hours are from 9am - 9pm Eastern, but that doesn't mean we don't understand the time pressures of being in court. You may get lucky outside of our hours and someone will answer, but your best option is to email the support team.

  • Know the proper extension. There are only three.
       1.  Technical Support
       2.  Licensing (for subscription and activation issues)
       3.  Sales

  • Be ready to provide your operating system and as detailed a description of your problem as you can.

  • Have OnCue running so you can replicate your problem if possible. 

  • Okay? Cool, give us a call. 


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