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Annotating Documents


If “Annotate Documents” has been selected on the Workflow Ribbon, an annotation toolbar will appear at the top of the Viewer pane.  This toolbar allows the user to mark up, or annotate, documents in advance of using them in court.  After making an annotation, selecting “Save Annotation” from Viewer Toolbar will save the annotation with its own ID and Media Name under the original page. (Technical note:  OnCue actually creates a “script,” or series of commands, that annotates the image automatically when called up.  This allows for better image quality and the ability to change the annotations ‘on the fly’ that would not exist with a saved, static image).  “Update Annotation” allows the user to modify an existing Annotation.


Once the documents have been added to OnCue and annotated to the user’s satisfaction, they can be added to Notebooks or Presentations – the processes for which are discussed in depth in those chapters.

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