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Basic Features List (Always Evolving)


Here’s our Ever-Growing list of basic features - We will be adding stuff all the time (it may be difficult to keep up with it…but we’re committed)



  • Case media paths that don’t need remapping when drive letters change
  • Single case folder to move from drive to drive with no broken links
  • Converts PDF files to foldered tif and jpg images automatically
  • Online updates


  • Files Types - tif tiff png pcx bmp jpg jpeg gif pdf
  • Highlight, zoom and callout portions of documents (annotate)
  • Save, edit and update all annotations
  • Draw lines and shapes in a your choice of colors and save
  • Batch Rotate and Deskew
  • Incremental Deskew
  • Import and Export saved annotations from a Presentation
  • Reorder pages by drag and drop
  • Add pages after registration
  • Import document names from text file
  • Multiple groups allowed for folder paths


Videos (non-synced)

  • File Types - avi mpg mpeg wmv mp3 wma
  • Create “sub-clips” by setting in and out points on the viewer or by typing timecodes
  • Export edited clips from Presentations
  • Multiple groups allowed for folder paths



  • Create Linear presentations from all types of work product - designations, clips, documents, annotations
  • Import and Export between OnCue cases
  • Drag and drop reorder
  • Manual or timed auto advance



  • Create organization notebooks and sub-notebooks
  • Drag and drop reorder
  • Import and export notebooks and sub-notebooks between OnCue cases
  • Import notebooks from text files


Transcripts and Designations

  • File types - mdb xml
  • Word Search
  • Pin transcripts
  • Full transcript pause indicators
  • Multiple ways to create designation lists
  • Preview a designation without creating a list
  • Individual designation pause indicators
  • Editable time value for pause indication
  • 8 highlighter colors to indicate designation type or party
  • Drag and drop reorder
  • Auto reorder by page and line, highlighter color, ID
  • Auto renumber IDs
  • Edit page and lines without changing play order
  • Remove objections without changing play order
  • Edit scrolling text for display
  • Color demarcation for tuned and untuned clips
  • Export designation clips to mpg or wmv
  • Drag and drop document links
  • Fine-tune document links
  • Import and export designations lists while maintaining tuning, text edits and document links
  • Full screen display of document links and annotations
  • Full color designation reports with run-times
  • Full color transcript reports with vertical color lines to indicate testimony
  • Multiple groups allowed for folder paths of raw deposition video
  • Video status bar to show total and individual run-times



  • Extended desktop display
  • Full toolbar that can be hidden with a hotkey
  • Single hot keys for basic functions
  • Multiple ways to retrieve documents
  • Edit and Save updated annotations
  • Edit and Save updated linked annotations while video is playing
  • Double-click to clear annotations
  • Dockable Status Bar
  • Save Split Screen annotations
  • Incremental Deskew
  • Rotate documents
  • Video split screen with full text displayed at bottom
  • Hot key to add displayed media to a pre-set notebook
  • Display scrolling text in highlighter colors
  • Multiple size and placement options for split screen video
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