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Benefits of OnCue


2,000,000 Pages, No Choking
Our database structure has been battle-tested with databases exceeding 2 million pages and 2TB of video in court. We built OnCue to handle cases of all sizes with rock-solid reliability and speed where it counts.

Collaborate Like a Team Should
This means two things. The first being multiple people can work to knock that deadline out in the same database over a network at the same time with no need to sync up the cases later. The second way is the ability for those thousands of miles away to prepare all sorts of different presentation needs at the last second and send you a tiny file that imports it all into your case where you need it. Both are super powerful features made with the power-user in mind.

Organize It Your Way
OnCue's Notebooks are fully customizable--they can hold full documents, loose pages, annotations, designations, full depo runs. If it is in the database, you can put it in a Notebook. And, just like a regular notebook, you can put things in any order you want then sort by ID, Name or Last Modified.  Virtual cross binder? No problem.

Where are the Files?
OnCue is never confused about where your case media is when you change computers.  Just copy over your case folder and when you open OnCue on a new drive, it understands that your files are there too. No unnecessary path editing required, no surprise "missing page" embarrassments in court. 

Convert PDFs While You Work
You'll never need to deal with sluggish PDFs or use third party tools to convert to tif files again. OnCue splits the PDFs into single pages lighting fast, then converts them to image files while you work. Enjoy the benefits of insane responsiveness every time you bring up a page for the rest of the trial, with no up-front wait times.

Have All The Answers 
"How long are my designations?", "How long are their counters?", "Just their affirmatives?", Lawyers at trial have questions like this all the time, and usually can't wait for the answer. This information is in front of you at all times, calculated and broken down in real-time based on what you select in the tree, making you an information rockstar in seconds, without running a single report.

Annotations That Make Sense
No need for layers, stages, or screengrabs (the worst). All document annotations like callouts, highlights or zooms stored right beneath their parent page and always editable just by moving things around and clicking one button. It's clean, it's simple and you will move faster through doc prep, cutting way down on your utterances of "give me just a minute."

Strike the "Strike Thats"
Removing the unplayed portion of a transcript line from the scrolling text underneath a video deposition shouldn't be a painful multi-step workaround or require altering the transcript. Select the text you don't want to show and delete it. It's that simple.

Import All of the Designations in Minutes
OnCue lets you create designation lists faster by orders of magnitude than anything on the market. Whether you need to drop in 10,000 page/lines from 200 transcripts all at once or designate from scratch inside the program, no matter how you do it, it's faster and easier than you've ever seen in a program like this. Make a single text file with infinite page/lines, infinite transcripts, infinite discrete designation lists and let 'er rip. Spend five minutes learning how to do this and you're on the way to avoiding hundreds of frustrating hours preparing depo video.

Edit Deposition Video Lightning Fast
Editing your deposition run five minutes before it plays in court will never be stressful again. OnCue is built for video with smart editing tools and time-saving shortcuts that make combining, splitting, and excluding portions of designations an instant process. Need a document or a callout to come up during the playback? Just drag and drop it onto the transcript. Need to remove objections, you'll never need to create a new designation to do that again, OnCue hates time-wasters, and leaves them back in 2005 where they belong. Your depo video speed and mastery will be so noticeable, your clients will think you went to Rock Star School.

Great Looking Deposition Reports
With a few clicks, OnCue creates customizable designation reports with informative cover sheets, color-coded designations, and the run-times for each clip or the entire playlist. No more unclear text files, manual highlighting a PDF or extra processing to format a useful report. That is built straight into OnCue.

Straighten Up
It's so simple, yet not built in anywhere else. Copies of documents can be crooked when you get them. OnCue has a built in bulk-deskew function, and if that doesn't work, just use simple hotkeys to nudge your page that fraction of a degree it takes to eliminate the distraction of reading text at an angle.

Always Up To Date
OnCue will let you know as soon as an update is available, and if you have 20 seconds, it'll update just like a mobile app. Even if you haven't updated in a while, the latest one will always install and get you the newest features and fixes in no time. 

Who Designated What
OnCue's highlighter colors used to signify the party and designation type can even be used when scrolling the text during the deposition playback. This doesn't come up much, but when it does, you're the hero.

Two at Time, However You Like It
You don't need to call us just to move one of your installs to a different machine. The OnCue Activation Screen or Help Menu allow you to release licenses and put them on new machines whenever you like without hassle.

Type Less, Present Faster
Why should you have to type D00000150 to get to exhibit D150? OnCue will knock out leading zeros on anything you add to the case and make you wonder why you ever dealt with all that typing.

Call Up Three Ways
OnCue lets you present documents either by ID, Name or Bates. So if you can't remember the exhibit number, it's like having an on-the-fly cheat code.

Work Now, Split Later
OnCue sports an incredibly unique time-saver called "split designation list" that allows you to work on impeachment clips in a single list then split them up with custom auto-naming later. You won't know how sweet this function is until you need it, after that you won't be able to live without it.

More CODECs, Less Converting
OnCue takes MPG1, AVI, MP4, M4V, MOV and many other codecs for playing back in court. You should always be able to play native files as evidence rather than converting.

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