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Known Bugs and Issues


Two, yes two videos cards, ain't all they're cracked up to be

  • As new laptops come into this world, a lot of companies are adding two video cards (one probably a discrete 3D). Currently, OnCue does not support both cards being enabled. When choosing which card to disable, it is best to keep the integrated card enabled.  


Legacy player...it fixes what ails ya

  • This one is tough to nail down but a catchall fix on many, many machines. If you're getting crashes while using video, or something just seems off with clips or designation clips while tuning or previewing, go to "Preferences" and select "Use legacy media player in production (requires relaunching OnCue)" and see if it fixes your problems. Make sure to actually relaunch OnCue before testing it, and hopefully watch the magic happen. This option simply changes some back-end engines for video playback to account for different machine configurations.


LIVE/External Monitor - Windows 10

  • External monitors need to be set to same text percentage as your primary.  This will prevent callout bound boxes jumping around.  It also cures video not playing on external while you can hear sound and see scrolling text.
  • If you have a touchscreen be sure to set your primary equal to your external monitor. This prevents your highlighter tool from jumping left on your screen.


LIVE/Deposition playback

  • Synced deposition MPGs should ideally be MPEG-1 in order to play in LIVE mode. WMV will also work, and other formats my appear to work, but are not as reliable as MPEG-1.
  • Currently if a .smi file is in the same folder as your deposition MPG, it causes weird behavior in LIVE and Production. Also in some cases, it causes exported video clips to come out upside down. They don't do you any good anyway so just don't put them in there for now, but we'll teach OnCue to ignore them very soon.


  • When making a callout in the Viewer Pane of the Production screen, focus shifts to the actual callout and off of the pane, so the Hotkeys appear to not work. Select the tool you want to use from the toolbar when this happens.
  • Custom colors can be created and set to a tool in preferences.  You cannot create a custom color through the toolbars nor can you switch to that custom color through the toolbars.  Once set to a tool  in preferences you can use in Production or LIVE.   The custom color is not saved in a case unless it is tied to a tool.  Be sure to write down the values when you create one you like.  You’ll have to reset when you open your case again if you changed it to a another color.


  • There is currently a funny quirk with sorting by ID.  Occasionally 9C will come before 9 but in the same list 7 will be rightly in front of 7A.  This is not a common issue and only occurs with Alphanumeric IDs.
  • OnCue does not work with multi-page tiffs, but it will take them and show only the first page. This is not a "bug" but just the way the viewer reads tiffs.


  • When adding a link by dragging and dropping onto the transcript/designation, the link tuner will start in the correct spot for tuning.  When adding through the Video Editor pane, the link tuner will start with the last tuned spot and not on the new designation link. Until this is resolved, dragging and dropping to the transcript is a faster method of linking anyway.


  • When updating a designation list or presentation via an import file if you do not import while on the notebook it resides in, the designation list or presentation is removed from the notebook.


  • Presentations cannot be imported by text file currently.  Please use *.xml.


  • Split screen Callouts don’t Print as they show up on screen in LIVE- the callouts shift slightly on the printed page.


  • Periodically certain uses of the "Find" field on the Transcript pane will cause the Transcript toolbar to disappear and an error message will appear. Closing and reopening the program will reset it.


  • If two people are working in the same designation list, such as tuning from the top and bottom simultaneously, if you are both creating new designations by splitting, removing objections, etc, you can sometimes end up with the same ID for two designations. This is resolved by right clicking the designation list and choosing "renumber IDs." *Tip* If you're doing this, you should communicate with the other person about what you're each working on and refresh (F9) often to avoid database conflicts.
  • Currently if you attempt to export a video designation list with the .smi files in the folder with your synched MPGs, the exported video comes out upside down. Just remove the .smi file to correct this.
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