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Viewer Annotation Toolbar


There are only a few differences between the LIVE toolbar and the one you find in the Viewer Pane of Production.

On the left of the bar is a button that sends what is showing to LIVE. 

Currently if you make an annotation and save it in Production while LIVE is already active, it will not launch the new annotation.   You must exit LIVE and then hit the button.  In order for an annotation to be displayed in LIVE from Production it must be saved first.


Choosing your Screen Mode.

The Viewer Pane has three options for aspect ratio.

Maximize Screen should only be selected when using OnCue as a review tool and not for creating saved annotations. It makes the pages bigger for easier viewing.

4x3 (standard) or 16x9 (widescreen) should be chosen based on the aspect ratio of the monitor, TV or projector you'll be presenting to.


Last but not least, the color picker is a little different than what you see in LIVE.  In the Viewer it indicates what your active color is for the tool you have selected. 


Note that if you change your colors in LIVE, it does not reflect the changes in Production.  However, changing your colors in Production does affect LIVE.


You can pre-set or edit your color settings for the Viewer and LIVE toolbars under OnCue LIVE-Images, You can find an explanation here in Presentation Settings and Preferences

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