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About Synchronized Transcripts


A synchronized transcript is the paginated and line-numbered text of a deposition synchronized in time with the associated video files (MPEG-1, MP4) of that deposition.  Also, please note that in order to be as reliable as it is, OnCue is designed to work the best with standard MPEG-1 files for depositions. WMV and MP4 files will play on certain machines but can vary in coding. MPEG-1 works the best.

OnCue allows users to edit deposition video that is synchronized with the transcript by using page and line number designations as start and stop points instead of beginning and ending times. It allows for fast editing and immediate playback based on the content of the transcript.  

OnCue currently accepts synchronized transcripts only in .mdb ("Sanction") or the OnCue XML file formats. These synchronized files can usually be obtained from the court reporter or videographer of the deposition. They can also be created by third party litigation support firms and some online services, such as Synchron.

No Sync - No problem. OnCue doesn't take plain text or Ascii (*.txt) files but as long as you have a PTX of the deposition transcript, you can create a fake "mdb" using RealLegal E-Transcript package. You just open the PTX with the program, save it out as a Sanction MDB Transcript and you can add it to OnCue and create designations and then run your reports.

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