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Creating a New Case


OnCue allows you to organize all your trial exhibits, synchronized transcripts, demonstratives, and videos in a single, easily organized structure called a Case.  Since Cases are central elements of OnCue, creating a Case is the first step in preparing for trial presentation.

There are two ways to create a Case in OnCue – either by selecting “New” when OnCue is first launched; or by opening the File menu and selecting “New.”  


From launching OnCue:




From within OnCue:



Either option launches a window that allows you to determine where the main case folder will be located and what to name it.



The main case folder is where all the case data is stored (how this can be changed will be covered in another article).  This includes documents, synchronized transcripts, and video files.  Since the size of these materials can be quite large, some thought should be given as to where you locate the folder.  By default, OnCue will create new case folders on the C: drive of the computer being used.  However, if the C: drive has limited space you may want to browse to a different drive (e.g., an external USB or Network drive). 


Once the case has been created, it can be opened either at the launch screen or from the File menu.



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