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Designation Reports



There are two kinds of reports in OnCue:  Designation List and Transcripts.  Within Transcripts two more reports exist: Standard and Condensed (4-per page.)  Right click on a Designation List and select Reports.

Designation List reports show only the designated portions of the transcript, including text and time totals.  The text of the designation is the highlighter color you have chosen.

Transcripts show the full transcript, but they have vertical color-coded bars next to the designations that are in the list you have chosen to print. There is also an option to highlight the text of the transcript in the appropriate color, although only one color can be on the text at a time. The vertical bars on these reports showing the various highlighter color really come in handy and are a great visual indicator if designations overlap (see sample report below.)

Both types come with a cover page the option for a highlighter key to help people decipher the colors.

No Video - No problem. OnCue doesn't take plain text or Ascii (*.txt) files but as long as you have a PTX of the deposition transcript, you can create a fake "mdb" using RealLegal E-Transcript package. You just open the PTX with the program, save it out as a Sanction MDB Transcript and you can add it to OnCue and create designations and then run your reports.

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    kathleen gaffney

    why can you only do a report on one single designation? What if I wanted a comprehensive report including all of them?

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    Nancy Schlaifer

    The designation list report shows all of the designations in a single list like a script or playlist. If you are looking to show different types of designations (for example plaintiff affirmatives and defense counters) in a single list you need to combine into a single list that shows both of them with your different colors.

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