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Adding Multimedia files to OnCue


OnCue can take various types of video (avi, mpg, mpeg, mp4, wmv) and audio files (mp3 and wma.)

It treats these files similar to how it treats single-page images so you'll need to pay attention to naming conventions.  If you have a set of videos that you want as one exhibit, put them all in one folder and register (by drag and drop) that folder.  It will treat the folder as the media and the individual files as "pages."  If your files are individual exhibits, you can register these without foldering, just remember OnCue will add "D1 Video Home" with "D1" = ID and "Video Home" = name.  It will also folder these files in the case folder.  See Organizing Material and Data Paths

To add these multimedia files to your OnCue database, click on the Add Media tab in the Workflow Ribbon and navigate to your multimedia file in OnCue’s File Explorer window.  Left click and drag the selected file to anywhere on the Media Bar.  You can also click the "+" button in the Videos tab and browse your computer to add the media.



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