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Workflow Ribbon and Creating Custom Layouts


We understand that people work differently.  Not all of us need every window open at any given moment on their computers.  In OnCue we have created a Workflow Ribbon that functions as a shortcut to layouts that you might use to complete different production tasks. The Media Bar is independent of these panes and does not move or alter with the working panes.  With each click of the buttons on the Ribbon, panes open up and move around according the task at hand. Further information on performing the tasks can be found in other sections of the Help Center.

WorkFlow Ribbon

Button Panes Opened
Add Media Windows Explorer
Annotate Documents Viewer
Edit Designations Video Editor, Transcript Viewer
Link Docs to Video Viewer, Transcript Viewer, Video Editor, Notebooks
Create Presentations Viewer
Build Notebooks Notebooks, Viewer

Panes can be closed by clicking on the “X” and opened or closed in the View Menu. You can even lock them so you don't accidentally move stuff around.

They can be dragged around and placed almost anywhere you like within Production.  Just left click and hold the top of the pane’s title bar and drag it to where you want it.  It works just like Windows does.  Try it out.  If you like it, it can be saved and used for any case in the future.  

Save Workspace

Name your Workspace

Closing OnCue places your Workspace in the Custom Menu.


If you forgot to save it and closed your case.  No problem, OnCue remembers the last layout you used and opens with that.  







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