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Editing Text in a Designation


So you've tuned your designation to start where it should (see Fine Tuning Designations) but now you have this pesky text in the beginning of your designation that is not being spoken.  In OnCue you can edit text in a designation without affecting the original transcript.  This way what scrolls under your video in LIVE is exactly what is being spoken.

Select the designation that you want to edit and click the pencil in the upper left hand corner of the Video Editor.

The editing window will appear.

Just delete the text from the beginning or end that you don't want to scroll on screen and hit okay.

Once you've clicked away from the designation and then click back the change will be reflected on the Video Editor. But notice below the Transcript that the transcript has not changed. Scrolling text changes are specific to each designation and if you were to designate the same page/line again, this edit would not apply.

Now, when you play it in LIVE it looks exactly how you wanted it to look, without text for video that doesn't play. 

If you run a Designation List report the testimony will not be there but if you run a Transcript report it will be as that uses the original transcript.

Designation List report


Transcript Report

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