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Understanding the Transcript Pane


Screen Layout

Access the pre-set screen layout for working with video depositions, click on the Edit Designations tab on the Workflow Ribbon. This window layout includes a list of the synchronized transcripts on the left, the Video Editor Pane in the middle, and the Transcript Viewer Pane on the right shows the text of the deposition. 


The Transcript Viewer Pane

On the Transcripts Pane you will see a toolbar near the top, which has most of the basic actions you need (more advanced stuff is on the right click menu.)

On the left of the transcript text you may notice an occasional hourglass. This is a pause indicator, which shows that there is dead space within that line of the transcript on that video (it takes longer than 12 seconds to go from the start of one line to the start of the next.) Also in that column you may see a disc icon.  This indicates the start of the next video file and can't be in the middle of a single designation.

In the transcript text gray, italicized text indicates that there is no video for those portions of text.  Black text indicates undesignated lines of transcript text.  Bold and/or colored text indicates designated text.  

The Transcript Pane Toolbar

The thumbtack icon allows you to "pin" a transcript.  When unpinned, if you click on an item in the Media Bar, the transcript will automatically change to match the selection.  For example, if you're viewing the Jones transcript and then click on a Smith designation in the Media Bar, the transcript pane will automatically switch to the Smith transcript.  If you "pin" the Jones transcript and then click on a Smith designation, the transcript pane will remain in the Jones transcript.  This is very useful when creating a Designation List or Presentation from multiple transcript sources.

The "eye" icon allows you to preview the video for a selection you have made of the text.  Simply click and drag to select text, then click the Preview Selection icon.  A mini-viewer with player controls will pop up and play the video and synchronized text.  Close the preview window when done by clicking the X in the upper right corner.  The Preview Selection feature is also accessible via the right click menu after you've made a selection in the viewer pane.

The "Add Selection" button will add the text selected in the Transcripts pane to the Designation List that you have selected in the Media Bar.  This feature is also accessible via the right click menu after you've made a selection in the viewer pane.

The "GoTo" box allows you type in a page number and jump to that page in the transcript.  Click the box to make it active, type in a page number within the page range of the transcript and press "Enter" on your keyboard.

The "Find" box allows you to enter a word or phrase to search for within the transcript text.  Click the box to make it active, type in your word or phrase and press "Enter" on your keyboard.  The Transcripts pane will jump to the next line where that word or phrase appears and highlight the entire line.  NOTE: the search begins from the first line visible in the pane, not from the beginning of the transcript.  To search from the beginning, scroll or jump to the first line, select it and search from that point.  When the search reaches the end of the transcript, it will wrap to the beginning of the transcript and continue searching.  To skip to the next or previous appearance of the word of phrase, click the left and right arrows next to the "Find" box to navigate.  If you need your search word or phrase to be case sensitive, that option is available via the small dropdown arrow between the Find box and previous/next navigation buttons.

The "Transcripts" dropdown box allows you to switch to a different transcript within the Transcripts pane.  Just click the box and scroll the transcripts, then click the one you would like to select.

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