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Q.  How does the licensing work?
A.  As long as you have an active subscription, you can put OnCue on as many different machines as you'd like, but only two at the same time. If you'd like to activate on a third machine and two other machines already are in use, you just have to click the "release all" button to deactivate the other two machines and activate on your current one. And in a deliberate attempt to not annoy you, as soon as you open OnCue on one of those other machines, it will know it's supposed to be the second installation and 
silently activate.

Q.  Does OnCue accept PowerPoint files?

A.  Not yet, but we plan to add it in the future. If your PPT doesn't have animations, you can export it to high-res image files and add those to OnCue.

Q.  What formats does OnCue accept for synchronized deposition video?
A.  OnCue currently imports Sanction MDB sync files and converts them to xml. Once converted and in the case structure, xml synched transcripts can also be added to new cases. 

Q.  Why don’t you accept multipage PDFs?
A.  Multi-page PDFs can be enormous, and in our testing many took far too long to load when trying to present. That's when we decided that speed during presentation takes priority over having fewer files or being able to add to the database faster. (But...be patient and you'll see it in the upcoming version, it's very, very fast too)

Q. How does the Background PDF Conversion work?
A.  Since detecting B&W or color and converting to tiff/jpg takes time, we use the much faster method of splitting out as single page PDFs and working with those as they convert to tiff/jpg in the background. Once they're done, everything is as fast as can be with no waiting up front to convert. If you hover over the conversion status in the upper right of the program, you'll see which page it's on. Clicking that status will pause/resume the conversion, and launching OnCue LIVE will also pause it. You can force any range of documents to the top of the conversion queue by right clicking and selecting "Optimize page(s) now."

Q. Is there a “Jump to Page” in OnCue LIVE? 
A. Yes, when you have a document open, just type the page number and hit Enter.

Q. How can I bring up linked docs on the fly?
A.  While a video is playing, if you just hit x+ID then Enter, the video will move to the corner and the document will appear, you can then annotate as necessary. To go back to full screen video, hit ctrl+f.

Q. Does OnCue work on a Mac?
A.  OnCue is a Windows program, but we use it on several Macbook Pros with great success. In fact lots of our customers use it exclusively on Apple hardware running windows. This is because it's such a "light" program and doesn't bog down Windows on a Mac, especially if you have relatively recent hardware.

Q. Can I Search the Database?
A.  Not yet, that's coming soon, you can search for words on the Transcript Pane, but not across your whole case. Currently you can type your ID into the Go To field at the top of the Media Bar to jump to anything in your case, but actual searching will be definitely be nice as soon as we get it in.

Q. Can multiple people work in the same case at the same time?
A.  Absolutely. We very often have multiple users working in the same database at the same time with no issues. It doesn't update in real time though (that would affect performance too much at this point) so it's best to hit F9 to refresh your database occasionally to see what your colleagues have done. This is especially necessary if you're working on the same thing, for instance tuning video from the front and back of a designation list to meet a deadline.

Q. Can I double-click in LIVE to remove callouts and zooms?
A.  Yes, the only trick to it is you have to double-click outside of the callouts to remove them. The second double-click after that will zoom out to full page if it's not already there.


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