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Linking Documents to Designations - the Drag and Drop Method


Click the Link Docs to Video button in the Workflow Ribbon to display the pre-built layout for linking documents.

Select the Designation List you want to link documents to and hit the Sidebar Button  to open that Designation List in the Sidebar Pane.   You may need to resize your panes to see everything.  

Click on the > sign to expand the list to see the individual designations. Select the individual designation you want to link to so that the testimony is bold in the Transcript Viewer.

Go to Documents in the Media Bar and find the page or saved annotated page you want. Left click, hold, and drag the page or annotation to the exact bolded line on the Transcript Viewer where you would first like the document to appear.

The Link will now appear under the designation in the Designation List with the page/line and the ID that you linked.  It will also appear in the Document Links section in the Video Editor while that designation is selected.

To “Hide” the document automatically, at the correct line, Right click on the bolded testimony in the Transcript Viewer on the designation line that you want to the document to stop showing in the LIVE.  Select "Clear Linked Document".  This command will make video resume playing normally, showing no documents.


Now it is time to fine tune that LINK!

Click on the link under the individual designation that you want to fine tune.  Fine tuning a linked document means that you are setting the page or annotation to show up on screen at a certain word within a line.

Red link images means it has not been fine tuned, gray means it has.  

Next, go to your Video Editor Pane, you’ll see an editing tool like this.


First, click the Red Links  (it’s below “LINK”) 

Now hit the EYE button    to preview where your page or annotation will appear on screen during your clip... (You’ll get a 3-second preview, it ends where the document appears.) Do you like it? No? You can use the forward and back buttons to set the link to the right spot.  Once you like it, hit SAVE . And your link will turn gray like this.  

Part of this fine tuning process includes setting some small options for how an individual link will show when played through LIVE.

Split Screen: Although the size and location can be set in the Preferences Menu.  Checking this moves the video to a corner while the document appears on the screen at the same time.  Scrolling text appears at the bottom of the screen unless "Hide Text" is checked.

Hide Video: This removes the video from the screen completely and only shows the document and the scrolling text unless "Hide Text" is checked. 

Now that you have done all of that...Rinse and repeat as much or as little as needed.

ProTip:  It is always a good idea to tune your designations before you tune your links.



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