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Update History (Build Notes)



3/8/2022 - 3.50.5

  • Addresses the inability to open OnCue without an internet connection.
  • Fixed issue with designation report dialog box.


2/25/2022 - 3.50.4

  • Update involves only a new license server. The program will quickly walk you through getting your new activation codes. Your subscription is not affected. This is a mandatory update necessary for the upcoming release of the new version of OnCue. 


12/23/2019 - 3.49

  • You can now copy text from the transcript pane to your clipboard with or without line numbers. This lets you easily drop sections into emails or Powerpoint slides straight from OnCue. Just select on the transcript and right click.
  • When you export a designation list to a txt file with the transcript text, the resulting file includes the transcript information now for easier reference.
  • From the file menu, go to "export" and choose Exhibit List to create a text file of all of your primary IDs
  • We simplified "Insert Before" and "Insert After" in Designations and doubt you'd ever notice that anyway, but we have our reasons...
  • If you try to delete a transcript that has designations created from it, we now politely warn you before you torch your precious work product. 
  • This one was requested a lot. You can now export webvtt, srt, and smi files with deposition videos to use as captions in your preferred video player or Powerpoint.
  • Another popular request has been fulfilled. There's now a preference under OnCue Live|General where you can set your default tool for OnCue Live. No more hitting that pesky hotkey for callout or highlight if you always want to use it first. 

1/27/2018 - 3.48

  • Long transcript lines caused wrapping and losing lines at the bottom of the page on certain Designation List Reports. You probably never experienced it, but it sucked when it happened. Now instead of wrapping, overly long lines will just get debigulated by the font shrinkify functionality. It's technical, but it's good. 

12/19/2017 - 3.47

  • Fixed an issue with WMV exports.  It works like it is supposed to now.
  • Oh and we suppressed that "can't find the internet error."

6/30/2017 - 3.46

  • Fixed some issues with video players and whatnot. Nothing too exciting. 

5/12/2017 - 3.45

  • Lots of folks had the gall to want to know which split screen pane was active when they were presenting. We made the active frame a dark gray for those hotseat sticklers.
  • For those cowgirls and cowboy mavericks who like to bring up docs on-the-fly while depo video is playing, there's now an option to let you pick if they come up full screen or split screen in those moments. 
  • Improved splitter performance on certain PDF types that have crazy attachments, embedded resources and other stuff that you probably didn't want in your PDFs anyway.
  • Certain graphics cards and configurations caused a ghosting of sorts that was annoying while adjusting callouts. That's fixed.

4/14/2017 - 3.44

  • We're committed to work, not workarounds, so we added an option in Preferences to disable scrolling text altogether regardless of individual designation settings. It's the "Nuke it from orbit" safety option when you absolutely, positively can't have scrolling text in court.
  • Lots of folks have asked if the text in transcripts reports can be highlighted. It can now via an option on the Transcript Reports options window that appears when you create them.
  • The text of doc link references on Designation List Reports was microscopic, it can now be read by human eyes.
  • The pesky "created on" date reference on reports is now gone, so no one can judge you anymore.
  • Video was going blank when fine tuning the end point on the latest version but not affecting playback. We fixed it anyway because "Eddie the Beta Tester" thought it was annoying.

4/7/2017 - 3.43

  • Fixed a bug causing auto-advance to not work on designations as part of a Presentation.
  • Fixed an issue causing a crash when starting a new presentation while another is running.

3/11/2017 - 3.40.2

  • Smoothed out some confusing error reporting related to lack of Internet connections and fine tuning of videos.
  • Fixed intermittent scrolling text lockups on some machines.
  • Fixed rare video lockups in OnCue LIVE (some clips mistakenly believed they were done playing.)
  • Fixed an annoying Win10 display problem causing the Preferences window to be too fat for its own good.
  • Performance tweaks to MP4 usage.
  • Download the latest full install file.

12/12/2016 - 3.40.1

  • Squashed some bugs folks reported about tuning issues. Don't be scared...go ahead and update, we heard it fixed it. Dive right in. - Leroy Jenkins

12/11/2016 - 3.40.0

  • Some computers are having issues with the new version. If you need to rollback use this link to get the last full installer. 
  • Let's not bury the lede. MP4 Support is here!! You can now use MP4, M4V and more as both AV clips and synched deposition video. We didn't like converting any more than you did and now it's done.
  • Added a Preference to NOT automatically begin optimizing unconverted pages on startup.
  • Several little performance and user-requested tweaks you'll barely notice. 

10/20/2016 - 3.3.2
Small update to address a printed barcode issue as we continue to work diligently on version 4.0. 

  • Print barcodes fixed
  • Updated copyright dates on splash screen, about box, and setup window.

12/04/2015 - 3.3.0

  • PDF Splitting & Conversion Improvements.  Tons of this stuff got updated. Lots of PDFs that would cause errors in the past are now submissive and happy to be part of your database. We also did a lot of tweaking to make sure images that are B&W but need to be a jpg to look good (think about B&W photos and XRays) are treated like they should be. 
  • Fixed the activation process so there are no more loops to get stuck in.
  • No longer use the doc folders for .tmp file that may end up orphaned in there if you shut down mid-conversion. 
  • Increased the video quality of MPG1 Exports.
  • Sped up workflow in the Search bar so the first thing it does is "Go To" an ID, and then search after that if it doesn't exist. 
  • Updated the Transcript mdb import to be more tolerant of errors.
  • Lots and lots of obscure user-reported bug fixes and UI tweaks. Thanks for the feedback!

8/11/2015 - 3.2.6
It’s been a while since our last release, but like everything we do, there’s a reason for that. We’ve been adding two major features that users have been asking for and frankly, we’ve been dying to have for ourselves as well. OnCue version 3.2.6 now has…

  • Searching. Just like it sounds, you can add any part of an ID, Bates or Name in any part of the Media Pane and move through the hits. If you’ve named a saved annotation “Figure 5” you can search for “fig” and find it using the Find field at the top of the Media Bar.
  • Designation List Splitting. Sounds boring, but it’s a major time saver. You can make a list of thousands of designations and hundreds of witnesses, then with a single operation bust them up into individual lists for easier impeachment use (or whatever reason you can come up with.) Auto-naming is totally customizable and new lists can be grouped according to auto-advance settings. You really won’t know how awesome this is until you need it and it and it saves you a ton of time. Just right click your list and choose "Split Designation List."
  • TextMap users!!! You can now import and export TextMap annotations text files. 
  • Done a good deal of testing on Windows 10 with minimal issues.
  • Fixed an issue where LIVE would crash in Windows 8.1/10 when touch screen systems were running in extended desktop mode.
  • We’ve done a LOT of work on the PDF splitter/converter. Errors have been cut down tremendously and it’s even faster than it was before.
  • Go ahead and click a designation that overlaps with a different highlighter color, the guesswork is gone, now the selected designation's color shows up as soon as you click it.
  • Updated the file browser used to open a case.

5/16/2015 - 3.2.5

  • Fixed issue preventing capital "P" in the set highlighter window.
  • All doc links now sort on page/line and not start time.
  • There's a new "clear linked doc" command on the right click menu on the transcript pane. You no longer need to add a new link just to bring the doc down and go back to full screen video.
  • Tweaked the Activation Key display on the About screen.
  • Double clicking to close a polygon no longer zooms out at the same time.
  • Custom colors will now stick around after you close out.
  • Presentation imports got some bugs ironed out.
  • Default draw tool choice from Preferences now reflected in LIVE.
  • The Sidebar was letting the last item slip past the bottom, not any more it doesn't.
  • You'll now get a warning if you try to change an ID to one that exists.
  • Copy/Paste shortcut keys work as expected on the Properties Grid now.
  • New option to open the output folder when running reports.
  • The Impeachment Bird send to LIVE icon now works as advertised on all deposition videos. 
  • The ID of the media in the Viewer was always there, but lurking in the shadows, with just a hint of contrast off its background. Now it's starkly exposed to the world.

3/31/2015 - 3.2.4

  • "About" box from the help menu shows the last five digits of  your activation code and how many days are left in your subscription. For those with multiple codes, this will make everyone's life a little easier.
  • Bates Numbers!! There's now a third way to bring up evidence. You can assign Bates numbers to pages a few different ways, and retrieve by them in LIVE.
  • No more modifiers needed in LIVE after hitting "x", you can put in an ID, Bates or Name and it will work on all of them.
  • You can now force documents to convert as B&W or Color on registration.
  • Improvements to the video exporter.
  • A bunch of performance improvements related to the Media Bar and file registration.
  • Miscellaneous run-of-the-mill bug fixes.

1/24/2015 - 3.2.3

  • Improved error reporting for background PDF conversion.
  • Fixed bugs with Notebook and Name imports that were ignoring alpha characters as though they were designations.
  • Fixed a bug causing cumulative run times on multiple transcript reports run at once.
  • Tested on Windows 10, looks like we're good to go on that upgrade.
  • Due to popular demand when in LIVE, the first time you hit Esc will blank the screen, the second time will close the program.
  • Added an "Open Export Folder" button to export status popup windows.
  • You can now sort Notebooks by ID, Name or Last Modified using a right click.

12/24/2014 - 3.2.2

  • Completely revamped the Add Documents process. PDF files now convert to tiff and jpg in the background while OnCue is open and you're working. You'll see a status in the upper right corner of the program. You can hover over it to see which document it's on, or click it to pause. It will automatically pause when you launch OnCue LIVE and you can restart it when you're finished presenting. Read the announcement email here.
  • Fixed the issue where in very large databases there was a lag when renaming the primary ID of media. 
  • Fixed issue where the PDF converter was getting a high frequency of color "false positives."

11/14/2014 - 3.2.1

  • Fixed an issue preventing display of native PDFs.

11/10/2014 - 3.2.0
This one is a small release with most of the focus going into the installer and online updater. Much more exciting updates coming soon.

  • Bug fixes related to the installer file.
  • Bug fix for Release All Licenses button on the Activation Screen.
  • Callout moving and resizing is more precise.
  • Minor style updates.


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