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Importing Names or Bates Numbers



Importing Names or Bates Numbers into an existing database is nice and simple.

Under File -> Import there are two different options:  Bates Number from Text Files(s) and Name from Text Files(s).  Both of these work in the same way.


You create a Tab delimited text file with the Media ID in one column and the Names or Bates Numbers in the second column.

Bates Numbers import file would look like the image below.  (Don't forget to separate the columns by tabs.)

Once added you can choose Show Bates Numbers as an option in the Media Bar.

 An even cooler way to import Bates numbers, is to let OnCue autofill the Bates numbers for your pages. You do this by creating the same type of tab delimited text file, but only using the base ID of the document and the beginning Bates of each exhibit (assuming the Bates aren't all out of order within each doc, this is a killer way to add them based off of an exhibit list):

If OnCue sees no page IDs (anything after a . ) it will automatically fill the pages of each document with the next number in sequence. 


You can also import Names the same way. On this example, we are adding to the main Media ID.

Show Name is a default.

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