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Video Codec Problems: MPEG-2 hiding in plain sight.


It's not a bug, but it's an annoyance for sure, you find your video acting glitchy or playing in Production but not LIVE. Here could be the reason why...

More and more we are seeing deposition video that are in an MPEG-1 container but are encoded using MPEG-2 audio or video codecs. Here is what that might look like...


What does this mean in OnCue terms? Well, often you can tune and edit the video in the video editor but it won't play in LIVE or the preview pane.

How do I fix it, you ask?

Well, the only way to currently fix is to re-encode your video to pure MPEG-1 using one of the video converter programs. There are several out there Aimersoft, AVS, TMPGEnc and Wondershare to name a few. The key is making sure you are encoding to MPEG-1.

Here are the specs:

Video:  MPEG-1, NTSC, 352 X 240, 29.97 fps, 1500kbps (1.5 Mbps)

Video layer:
format = MPEG-1
horizontal_size= 352
vertical_size = 240
frame rate = 29.97 frame/s
bit rate = 1500000 bit/s

Audio: MPEG-1, Audio Layer II, 44100 Hz, Stereo, 224 kbps

Audio layer:

format = MPEG-1 - Layer-II
bit rate = 224000 bit/s
sampling rate = 44100 Hz
mode = STEREO

It is important to use a Constant Bit Rate NOT Variable.

If your video is still causing issues with OnCue, let us know at support@oncuetech.com



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