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Highlighter Won't Go All The Way Across The Screen?


Highlighter not working?

One of the more common issues we hear from users when using OnCue LIVE on an external monitor is that the highlighter will only go across half the screen.

This is due to display scaling settings in Windows 10 and is an easy fix.

  1. Right click on your desktop and choose "Display Settings"


2.  Note the images below showing the "Scale and Layout" settings for Monitor 1 and Monitor 2. The problem occurs when these numbers are different as shown in these screenshots. 

3. Set these percentages to be the same on both monitors, then re-launch OnCue LIVE and the problem will be fixed. There is no specific percentage it needs to be, they simply need to be the same on both displays.

NOTE: We have resolved this issue in the upcoming version that we are developing and testing now. It will only apply to the current version.

















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