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Barcode Readers (or Scanners)



Can OnCue use barcode readers/scanners?  Yes, yes we can.

Using a barcode reader/scanner is basically like using a wireless 10-key pad, a mouse with programmable buttons, or a presentation clicker. It’s just another piece of hardware that is sending the characters it reads from printed barcodes to the computer. There are lots of different models with settings and options specific to each one.

OnCue uses the barcode font known as code 39 which is also known as Code 3 of 9. Very Star Trekkie and we love it because it is free.

So, what OnCue does, is prints a barcode of the ID of a page or a saved annotation onto printouts with the commands you’d use from a keyboard, for instance, xD567.1.1<ENTER> and then when read by the barcode reader/scanner that gets sent to the computer the same as it would from a keyboard. Assuming the reader/scanner is set up properly, it’ll work just fine.

Remember, if you are using a modifier before your "X" (like shift), you must hold down that modifier when you scan the barcode. 

Note: Keep your file names a reasonable length as the print area is only so big. 

Troubleshooting NOTE: Some users have found that the scanner only works in LIVE if they check the shift box under Edit/Preferences/OnCue Live/General.


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