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**Important Licensing Change**



What's this about?

OnCue is moving immediately to a new license server, using different unlock codes, and winding down the old one. Right here and now is how you get your new license credentials. 


The old license server is quickly becoming obsolete, so we got a new one for the current version and the upcoming version. Both versions will work with these new codes.

How do I do this? 

Very easily, based on your current license, OnCue will update to the new one, which is in two parts, a License ID and Activation Password.

The steps for this 15-second process are:

1. If you are not already activated, add your old activation code (35 character alpha-numeric Activation Code) and click Activate. If you are already activated, OnCue will go straight to Step 4


2. Agree with the standard EULA and click OK

3. Click Close on the activation screen

4. Click Continue on the following message


5. Use the Save as Text File button to save your new ID and password. Please keep these codes in a place where you can easily access them for when you need to unlock OnCue. 



That's it! The bottom line is your activation code has changed, and OnCue will tell you what it is. Please hang onto it. 


If you run into any problems with this process, grab a screenshot (Shift+Windows Key+S) and send that along with a short description of what went wrong to support@oncuetech.com

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